A Hundred Where Now There Is One

Digital Missionary Course


Many are Called, Few have Chosen

If you had a choice to make, to go with the flow and to live a life that’s just ordinary, which is the life everyone else is living…

Or to make a bold decision, to step out, and do something that would change lives…

Which would you choose?

Our Mission

To inspire and equip laymen to become digital missionaries for God, by harnessing the effectual power of modern technology to propel the work of evangelism in these last days!

Equip Digital Missionaries

Within a short period of time with necessary skill sets to be able to be sent out to mission fields

Missionary Mindset

No one is born missionary minded, they are instilled with that mindset

Content Producer

Doing effective work for the LoudVoice App for the purpose of evangelism

Go Ye Therefore

Trained Digital Missionaries are sent immediately into the field to assist current missionaries to spread their influence to the world

What Will You Do


Month #1

Training at LoudVoice, Malaysia

Trainings Conducted

  • Camera Operation
  • Composition & Lighting
  • Producing & Pre-production
  • Sound Fundamentals
  • Basic Recording
  • Basic Audio Production
  • Bible & Health Courses
Out to the harvest fields!

Month #2

Digital Missionary Work at a Mission Field

Activities Engaged

  • Recording a promo video of the mission environment
  • Recording mission stories and testimonies
  • Living and serving as a missionary
  • Traveling to various churches in the area to share their stories and experiences
  • Organize a evangelism event with the local church
Wrap Up

Month #3

Training & Project Work at LoudVoice, Malaysia

Trainings Conducted

  • Video Editing, Color Grading & Effects
  • Basic Sound Editing
  • Mixing Techniques
  • Follow Up Bible & Health Classes


  • Missionary Promo Video
  • Podcast Series on Mission Stories

“If you are interested in tech and media-related things and have an earnest desire to serve Jesus, then this course will be a perfect fit for you!”

Russell FamLoudVoice Director
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